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Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle has three stages. The Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phase.

1. Anagen phase also known as the “growing” stage: This is the most important to the vitality and overall health of our hair. Hormones, age, diet, medication, and stress, all impact this stage. A person can be in this phase for up to a decade before moving into the second stage. The hair does not grow all at the same rate, cells are constantly developing and dividing which result to the surfacing of the hair. Researchers say that the hair should grow 1 cm every month.

2. Catagen stage also known as “intermediate” stage: This is a less active phase compared to the Anagen phase. While the cells were constantly working to produce more cells, the existing cells are preparing for the next round of growth, while the old hair shafts break down.

3. Telogen stage also known as “resting” stage: This is the final phase of the cycle as the follicles no longer create new hair and is preparing for the dead hair to shed. This is visible to the human eye; brushing or washing our hair often-times leads to small clumps of hair left in our hands. This can span up to 3-4 months and once completed it prepares for stage 1 again, the growing phase.

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