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Women's Hair Replacement for hair loss solutions

If you’re here that’s because you or a loved one is experiencing hair loss. Hair loss impacts our confidence and self-esteem. Our day to day life is affected, our poise is altered, and then we’re searching frantically for help.  There are many different factors that can cause hair loss including, genetics, hormones, stress, diet, or a medical condition.  While these factors may not cause complete hair loss, they do impact vitality and density.  

Why choose non-surgical hair replacement?

The hair industry has innovated women’s hair replacement immaculately; the look, and comfort are remarkable and the system is impossible to detect.  With every system completely customized to the client from base size, color, density, and hair type, together we re-create your appearance and enhance your self-esteem. 

What types of hair replacement are there?


A topper or volumizer is an excellent solution for a woman who is at the beginning stages of thinning. They are ideal for those medically diagnosed with alopecia or androgenic alopecia, or a person who is experiencing hair loss die to stress, diet, or medication; this is an immediate solution while trying to work on the health of her body.  These systems are adhered with medical grade tape or clips.  


  • Daily wear

  • At-home care

  • Life/ longevity of hair system (6 months-1.5 years)

  • Complete customization



A wig is the most well-known solution for women's hair loss. Currently wigs are most utilized for women who are diagnosed with cancer and receive chemotherapy and radiation. 


  • Daily Wear

  • At-home care

  • Complete customization 

Non-surgical hair replacement 

A non-surgical hair replacement unit is ideal for any woman who is an intermediate to advanced stage in their hair loss.  These types of replacement units are ideal for a woman who has lost 40% more of her hair.  These units are adhered with medical grade adhesive and tape for a secure look.  Utilizing medical grade bonding techniques allows you to go back to your daily routine and enjoy all aspects of life without having to worry about the security of your hair.


  • Safely adhered for long periods of time (2-5 weeks)

  • Medically approved adhesive and tape

  • Client may live a normal lifestyle of exercising and outdoor activities

  • Complete customization

Which hair replacement unit is right for you?

Please call and schedule your free confidential consultation at (561)-317-2931 

"Life is full of love and laughter, don’t let your hair be the cause of anything other than that.  Together, we will find the perfect solution."

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A consultation is required before any hair replacement service can be scheduled. It is recommended to schedule weeks in advance for the Charleston location as it is only open for 4 days of the month.